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The roof is just one area of the home that is frequently neglected. However, it is one of the most expensive portions of the home. Being aware of some of the most common areas of the roof that will develop problems can help homeowners recognize that something is wrong, as well as help them prevent the problems from occurring. It can also help homeowners to better understand what their Charlotte roofing contractor may be talking about.

Flashing is the material used around vents and pipes, as well as along the edges of the roofs. Flashing protects the roof and the home where shingles cannot be laid. It helps keep water out of where it shouldn't be and helps it to flow where it is designed to go. Flashings can rust and become displaced, causing potentially damaging leaks into the home.

Shingles are the outer portion of the roofing system. They can experience many different problems, such as cracking, displacement, curling, buckling, and losing their granules. Shingles can also blow off of the roof and go missing. Problems with the shingles leave the underlayment and the roof decking exposed and susceptible to rotting and holes. This can be very expensive to fix.

Gutters help water flow off of the roof and away from the home.

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However, gutters are very prone to getting debris and water clogged in them, especially when they are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. When water sits in the gutters, it can cause mold and mildew problems on the roof and damage to the flashings.

The soffit is the wood beneath the roof overhang. Homeowners should check here for any rot, cracks, or holes. Small animals and insects like to infest this area, which can cause problems or be a sign of existing problems.

The front board along the roof line is known as the fascia. This area is very sensitive to moisture and can be easily damaged. Homeowners should also check this area for holes or cracks.

Valleys of the roofs are another problematic area. Valleys experience heavy water flow from different angles of the roof coming together. This water can cause mechanical damage to shingles and cause the granules to flake off at a faster rate. In addition, organic debris, such as pine needles, leaves, and branches, like to accumulate in this area causing further damages and helping the roof to retain water, which leads to problems like rot and mold.

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