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Cleaning out gutters is almost fun, and it can sometimes even be a dangerous chore. However, it is essential that gutters be cleared out on a regular basis to help prevent blockages from forming. When gutters are clogged, they can start overflowing or begin to sag. Overflowing gutters can splash outside walls and create puddles around a house. This can lead to mold and damage soffits, which would require the services of a Charlotte roofing professional to remedy.

If water sits on roofing instead of running over the sides, it can make it more likely that leaks will develop. Additionally, if there's enough water, it could cause the roof to start sagging where it has collected.

Gutters can collect a lot of debris from a variety of sources. Twigs and branches may fall off of trees, and bits of shingles may break off and flow into them. Dirt and insects may also collect in gutters, and birds may even make nests in them. One way to help keep gutters clear is installing filters or guards.

Filters separate water from debris and only allow water to flow through them. The two main types of filters are filters that are installed at strategic places to collect detritus and nylon filters, which look somewhat like a black sponge that fills the gutter.

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Water flows through the filter and debris is trapped on top of it.

Filters, especially the ones that act as traps, may need to be cleaned out on a regular basis to ensure that clogs do not form where they are. However, they can make cleaning out gutters take just a few minutes because people only have to worry about cleaning out the filter as opposed to the entire gutter system.

Gutter guards are generally slatted or mesh covers that go right on top of gutters. They let water through but keep larger debris such as leaves and twigs from getting in. They also prevent nests from being built.

However, in heavy rainstorms, even larger debris may get pushed through if rain is coming down hard enough. Additionally, guards tend to let smaller debris through. Most smaller debris will probably flow to and out of the downspout, but this is not always the case.

As with filters, guards do not eliminate the need for gutter cleanings, but they can make the job easier and quicker and can reduce how frequently it needs to be done.

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