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In order to prepare for any tropical storms that may develop this year, it is important for homeowners to understand that roofs, particularly those on older homes that might not meet the latest building codes, are particularly susceptible to water infiltration and wind damage. While homeowners can include the name of a Charlotte roofing professional on their emergency call list, there are other steps to take to protect the roof from hurricanes. Doing so can not only pay off during a hurricane, but these improvements might even decrease a homeowner's insurance premium rates.

The roof takes the brunt of a hurricane, some of which can pack winds exceeding 155 miles per hour. These winds can pull off tiles, roof shingles, or even the underlying roof deck. Ensuring that the roof is well-maintained can help to increase the chance that it will withstand high winds. Set aside one day to inspect the roof each year. Check the surface of the roof, either from the ground with binoculars or on the roof itself. If heights are frightening, homeowners can also hire a professional roof inspector to do the job instead.

Look for missing, loose, or curled roof tiles or shingles. Check the spacing of the nails that hold the underlying roof deck and shingles onto the home, and pay particular attention to the edges of the roof.

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The roof deck should be secured to the rafters with nails, not staples, and the nails should be approximately four inches apart.

If attic access is available, homeowners can inspect the roof from the inside as well. Look for light coming through the roof, which signifies gaps through which water and wind can infiltrate the home. Examine the trusses or rafters for protruding nail tips, which indicate that the roof deck is not adequately secured.

In order to make the home less susceptible to wind damage, homeowners can use a caulking gun to apply roofing cement to the edges of shingles or to replace missing nails where the roof deck connects to the rafters. Homeowners might also consider applying construction adhesive along each side of the trusses or rafters where they connect to the roof deck.

In addition, hurricane clips can help to add structural support as they connect the roof to the walls of the home from inside, making it less likely that high winds will tear off the roof. Although clips are relatively inexpensive, they can be difficult to install due to limited workspace.

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