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Although it is a less common type of roofing material, IB PVC is one of the more durable types on the market. It features a reinforced membrane that consists of a blend of glass and plastic stabilizers, which allows the material to better stretch over the roof deck. IB PVC is available in several different colors, which allows Charlotte roofing contractors to easily match the rest of the building's exterior materials. Contractors apply heat to the product with different welding equipment in order to efficiently seal the seams of the membrane. The material is not subject to becoming brittle as it begins to age due to its thicker membrane, and it features a long lifespan as a result.

Depending on the existing slope of the roof, the installation process of a PVC IB roof is somewhat straightforward, although it definitely requires certain skill sets. The structure of the building and its current vent stacks must be taken into consideration because vent stacks often emit pollutants that may adversely affect the material. The primary purpose that a PVC roof serves is to create a watertight solution for roofs that are flat or that feature lower slopes.

There are several different types of PVC roofing materials. The thermoplastic olefin, or TPO type, features an incorporated flame retarder that is embedded into the plastic, and it is then reinforced with polyester materials.

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The seams are also heat-welded, and contractors refrain from using chemicals during the instillation process because they tend to make it more susceptible to UV exposure. TPO materials feature different fillers that increase its flexibility and make it more environmentally friendly, so it costs more than standard PVC. However, it also includes an Energy Star rating because it classifies as a cool roofing product.

PVC alloy is another popular type of roof, and it incorporates a mixture of different materials to achieve its enhanced rigidity. A blend of polymers, polyester and fiberglass is often mixed with the PVC substance, and the finished product resists tearing and is incredibly strong. The primary benefit of this type of roof is that it prevents water pooling and debris buildup on flat roofs.

For flat or gradually sloped roofs that do not feature a completely smooth surface, vinyl IB might be a good solution. This type of material features a polyester backing that adds more cushion for rougher surfaces so that the product will have better adhesion. The material is available in large, prefabricated panels that can make it more time-efficient for contractors to install.

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