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While wood and vinyl are considered the most traditional options for residential siding, metal can be an attractive alternative. The number of requests that Charlotte roofing and siding experts get to install metal siding is on the rise for residential properties. This can be attributed to the fact that homeowners are finally starting to learn the facts about metal siding.

When homeowners choose metal siding, the most common type of metal used is aluminum, which is easy to work with because it's so lightweight. As a result, aluminum siding typically costs less to install than siding made out of wood. Aluminum is still a budget friendly material even through it's not as cheap as vinyl, and the price depends on the quality and brand.

Cleaning aluminum doesn't take much work either. While homeowners can hire professionals to clean their aluminum siding, it's just as easy to clean it with a standard water hose. No harsh cleaning chemicals are needed, but homeowners can use a mild soap as an aid if they wish.

Aluminum siding is also considered ecofriendly because it's 80 percent or more made out of recycled materials. Once it runs its course and needs to be replaced, it's 100 percent recyclable. It also reflects the UV rays of the sun, keeping homes cooler in the summer.

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This saves homeowners money on their energy bills.

Another type of metal used for siding is steel, which is also pretty ecofriendly. It's typically made out of 25 percent recycled materials, and it's 100 percent recyclable once it's time to replace it. Unfortunately, shipping steel siding isn't as environmentally friendly because its heavy weight requires ground transportation via commercial trucks.

The biggest drawbacks of steel siding are its high price and heavier weight compared to aluminum. The higher price, however, comes with some added benefits such as steel being one of the longest lasting siding options available. On average, it can last upwards of 30 years.

If homeowners choose steel siding, they will have to take rust prevention seriously. Unlike aluminum, steel can rust very easily. It can be treated with special chemicals and sealers to fight the rusting process, and this process has to be repeated every few years.

No matter the type of metal siding homeowners choose, they will enjoy numerous benefits. For example, both steel and aluminum are energy efficient because they reflect sunlight and heat, keeping the home cooler during hot weather. Metal siding is also resistant to fire, unlike wood siding.

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