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Over the past decade, homeowners have become more familiar with the benefits of having a metal roof. However, as Charlotte roofing professionals know, installing a metal roof requires a larger investment than using asphalt and fiberglass shingles. There are certain questions that homeowners should ask when figuring out if a metal roof is worth the investment.

The first question homeowners should ask has to do with how long they intend to stay in their home. If a homeowner is going to stay in their home for a minimum of one reroofing cycle, then a metal roof makes financial sense. A reroofing cycle is defined as 12 to 20 years, which is the typical lifespan of an asphalt roof. Homeowners who look to stay in their home long-term will see financial benefits from a metal roof.

The next question homeowners can ask is if they intend to sell their home or give their home to a friend or relative in the future. If so, installing a metal roof is a worthwhile investment since it will leave the home's next occupant with a roof that will not need to be replaced for decades.

Homeowners will want to consider the complexity of the shape of their roof. Roofs that are very complex, have multiple hips, valleys, skylights, rounded areas or wall intersections require a lot of labor to install regardless of the material that is being used.

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Homeowners with complex roofs may opt to use metal because they only have to spend money on labor one time. Additionally, traditional asphalt roofs often wear out at joints and complex intersections. This means that a complex roof may be more prone to problems that come with conventional shingles.

The age of the home is something that a homeowner should consider. As homes age, their roofing structure begins to deteriorate and loses its ability to support the weight of heavy roofing materials. Metal is relatively lightweight and can work well on homes that are showing signs of aging, including some sagging and deterioration.

From an aesthetic point of view, homeowners may want to consider how much of their home's exterior includes the roof. Homes that have a roof as its major focal point benefit from having a roofing material that does not streak or stain as it ages. At times, asphalt roofs can become discolored, grow fungus like mold and mildew and crack or blister. All of these detract from the home's curb appeal and from its perceived value to a potential buyer.

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