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Every roof consists of several layers of material that form a barrier against leaks. Shingles, underlayment and flashing can work together to prevent leaks for several decades. However, one or more rooftop layers could fail over time without the homeowners even noticing the breach. It's even possible for leaks to go unnoticed for weeks or months at a time unless Charlotte roofing professionals are called to the property on a regular basis. Homeowners should understand the far-reaching effects of unnoticed roofing leaks so that they can look for these clues around the home.

Mold and mildew must have moist and shady conditions to grow and spread, so hidden rooftop leaks create a perfect habitat for these microorganisms. Homeowners may not even notice that they have a mold problem because the growth is isolated to an attic area. However, mold spores floating through ventilation shafts can easily sicken residents. Because of this, it's important that homeowners find leaks before they create hazardous interior conditions.

In addition to mold and mildew, rooftop leaks also contribute to dry rot growth along the home's wood decking and rafters. If water leaks persist on roof decking, this wood will eventually sag.

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Homeowners will notice a distinct, low-lying area on the rooftop's surface when the home is observed from the yard. Unfortunately, sagging roof decks must be replaced before they fail entirely.

After an unnoticed leak occurs, mysterious puddles and wet floors could become a persistent problem within the home's interior. Residents could slip and fall on these wet areas if the issue isn't resolved. Many homeowners may believe the moisture is originating from a faulty plumbing pipe or even a spilled drink. Homeowners should inspect the entire home, however, if mysterious wet floors are a common problem.

Homeowners shouldn't overlook stained drywall either because this damage is usually caused by leaks moving vertically through the structural materials. Yellow wall stains could still be wet, or they might simply display mineral deposits from evaporated moisture. Contractors will use these damage clues to find and resolve the household's leak problems.

Some leaks could be so minor in scope that experienced contractors must use advanced technology, including infrared thermography, to find them. Ideally, homeowners and contractors should work as a team to find all minor and major leaks affecting the household. Homeowners could take photos of signs of leaking and send them to contractors between appointments. Any leaks into the home must be repaired as soon as possible to preserve the building envelope's structural integrity.

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