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Charlotte roofing experts recommend people to install new roofs with materials that are not heavier than the ones their original roof was made of. This is because if roofing is too heavy, it could exceed the load bearing capacity of a home's foundation. If this occurs, it can lead to cracks in the foundation and outside walls, along with a variety of other problems.

Since the majority of homes have asphalt roofing, tile and slate roofs are not always good replacement options. Slate and tile are very durable and can last a lifetime. This is partially due to how heavy they are. These materials can easily be two or three times heavier than asphalt roofing.

However, people do not have to select asphalt roofing just because that is currently what is on their home. There are a number of materials available, including metal, synthetic slate and wood shakes. Additionally, these lighter materials are often less costly than slate or tile.

Asphalt shingles normally last between 20 and 30 years, and they run about $80 per square, with square meaning 100 square feet. They are very good at diverting water since they are made of a water-repellent material. However, they may warp in high temperatures, and they are also prone to tearing off or ripping in very high winds.

The roofing contractors from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about windows or vinyl siding.

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Prices range from about $110 to $250 per square, and they can last a lifetime. They are reflective, which helps to keep homes cooler in the summer, and they are normally made of thin layers of sheeting installed over an underlayment. The potential downsides of metal roofs are how loud they can be during storms, and if they are not installed correctly, areas where the roof connects may rust.

Synthetic slate is designed to emulate the look of slate without all of the weight, and it offers upwards of twice the lifespan of asphalt. Slate tiles generally weight four times as much as synthetic slate tiles, which are normally made of rubber, plastic or both. It also can be much cheaper, costing as little as $45 per square.

Wood shakes are another light roofing material, but they are not frequently a good choice. They are costly, at about $200 or more a square, and they may last just 15 years. They are often chosen for their looks, not their affordability or durability.

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