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Leaks are a common problem in a number of roofs, and they can potentially cause a huge amount of damage. Water, even when in small amounts, can slowly chip away at the strength of wood structures in a home, as well as reducing the ability for insulation to work by lowering the home's effective R-value. If leaks in roofing get severe enough, they may even start to affect phone or electrical wiring.

Therefore, it is important that leaks are detected and resolved as quickly as possible. The issue with this is that leaks do not always leave obvious signs of their presence, and even if they do, those signs may not be in places that homeowners are looking.

For example, if someone sees that they have water stains on their ceiling, they are likely to attribute this to a leak. However, water damage from leaks in the roof are frequently most visible on top of the roof or in the attic. Additionally, unless someone knows what to look for in these spaces, they still might miss indications of a problem.

When a Charlotte roofing professional does an inspection, they will check to see if there are any shingles that are missing or torn, and they are also liable to check out the coverage and condition of weatherproofing, also referred to as flashing.

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Weatherproofing is normally put in areas where shingles can't completely keep out water, such as areas around chimneys. If there are leaks around a chimney, the bricks may be flaky or brittle where water is getting in.

Roofers may also check for depressions in the roof or standing water, since both may indicate that a leak is present or more likely to form. Standing water has been on a roof for more than 48 hours, and water that is on a roof for an extended period of time may be able to work past gaps in between shingles.

Technicians will also inspect the roof from underneath by going into the attic. A roof deck is made of plywood slats, or a similar material, so discoloration will appear in areas where water is getting in. Other signs of leaks in an attic are rafters and beams that are water stained or warped, and an attic may develop a moldy or musty smell if water is getting into it. Wet or damp insulation is another common sign of a leak in the roof.

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