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Any plant that can grow on the ground can often grow on a roof too. These plants may find a way onto the roof because of the wind that passes by every day. That wind can pull seeds up from the ground and deposit those seeds on the roof or in the gutters. Though some homeowners simply remove the visible portions of the plants that they see, this isn't enough to keep the plants from growing. Wild vegetation like ivy or kudzu can spread between houses and other structures, and those plants can also grow along the chimney, down the walls, and over the surface of the roof.

Charlotte roofing companies recommend that homeowners do not use any pesticides or other chemicals to kill those plants. Not only does something like bleach do little to kill kudzu, but it can actually damage and kill the plants that homeowners want to keep. Even the smallest amount of bleach that falls in the yard can eat through the grass and kill the roots of flowers. These companies recommend that customers use a combination of products and materials designed to kill specific types of vegetation and repel other plants from reaching the roof.

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The first step associated with getting rid of any plants growing on the roof is cleaning. Roofers typically clean all parts and surfaces of the roof by hand and with small brushes designed to remove even the most stubborn of vines or roots clinging to the shingles. They may also rely on a pressure washer, which uses a concentrated stream of water to get those roots and plants off the roof. They can also use different chemicals that won't weaken the shingles or change the color/appearance of those shingles. These products should not damage the lawn either.

Though wild growing vines can sometimes have a decorative look, those vines can also seek out water sources. This leads to the plants growing inside cracks in the underlayment, between shingles, and even down along the inside of a chimney. One of the best ways to keep those plants from growing on a roof and using the roof as a source of water is with metal coping made from nickel or copper. Both copper and nickel are suitable for use as a flashing material as well. These metals are toxic and potentially fatal to different types of plants. As the vegetation cannot grow over or beyond this metal, contractors may install the metal around the coping and along the edges and across the center of the roof.

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