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When most people think about installing a new roof on their home, they focus mainly on the outer layer of the roof. Usually emphasis is placed on the shingles, tiles, or metal roofing that will protect the home from external elements. However, it is important to understand pressure from within the house can affect the lifespan of a roof as well. When hiring a Charlotte roofing contractor, be sure they offer a comprehensive roofing solution that includes both insulation and ventilation so that interior and exterior structures are addressed.

While the roof is bound to experience wear and tear from harsh weather conditions, the forces of heat and moisture from an attic can also wreak havoc on a house. Improper ventilation and insulation can cause damage to the support structures of the roof. While exterior concerns also deserve attention, interior structures are often subjected to problems like wood rot and mildew formation. In order to prevent moisture and heat from building up in the attic, it is imperative have a proper ventilation system. The attic should have some sort of moisture barrier laid down to keep warm air from rising into the attic. This material is referred to as a vapor retardant.

Just above the vapor retardant, a solid layer of insulation should be laid down.

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This protects the house from gaining or losing heat from outside, as much as it protects the underside of the roof from the temperature of the house. There should also be a small air pocket between the insulation and the sheathing of the roof so that any moisture that builds up in the insulation will not come into contact with the wood. While maintaining insulation may seem unnecessary, houses with proper insulation also have more regulated temperatures and lower energy bills.

Ventilation is critical in keeping the air temperature and humidity under control. There should be several open ventilation paths for fresh air to pass through. This is also part of the reason for keeping a minimum of one inch of air space above the insulation and below the sheathing. As long as air flows freely through this space, the heat and moisture will not get trapped long enough to damage the roof.

Overall, ventilation and insulation are used to protect roofing from the internal dangers of heat and moisture. Using proper ventilation and insulation will protect both the living spaces and the condition of the roof in the long term.

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