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Ice and snow accumulations on a roof may be a cause for concern among homeowners. However, getting in touch with a Charlotte roofing professional may be enough to help put a property owner's mind at ease. It may be possible to find the cause of the excess moisture on the roof and take steps to ensure that snow and ice can melt in a uniform manner and run off the roof and away from the house.

One of the most common sights during the winter is an ice dam along the gutter. It may be accompanied by long and thick icicles. The ice dam occurs when snow melts on a section of roof that is above freezing and runs to a portion of the roof that is below freezing. It will turn into ice, which will block snow above it from running into the gutters.

That ice will accumulate along and inside of the gutter until the temperature is above freezing for several days. However, if the ice is too heavy or icicles are pulling at the gutter, it could collapse, which could damage the gutter and any portion of the roof attached to it.

Shingles that are defective for any reason may be vulnerable to buckling or cracking due to water expanding and contracting.

The roofing contractors from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about roof repairs or windows.

The water will get inside of a cracked shingle, expand to fill the cracks and leave the shingle weak and brittle. It may then blow off the roof and expose the underlayment.

Additionally, the nails holding down the shingle may also become weak or rust if they are exposed to the elements. Therefore, blind nailing shingles may be a good idea. While homeowners may want to put new or replacement shingles on the roof themselves, it is a task better left to professionals. When the temperature drops to below 35 degrees, it may take special tools to install them. Furthermore, it can be dangerous to walk on an icy roof for those who don't have experience doing so on a regular basis.

If any part of the roof is exposed, it could become a prime location for water to enter a home. Melted ice will seep through the shingle or through the exposed underlayment to the wood deck below. As the wood gets wet over time, it will begin to rot and weaken. The moisture may then enter the attic and cause damage to framing, insulation and other components inside the home.

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