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A well installed gutter can last for 15 to 30 years depending on the materials used. Whether a homeowner is considering a do-it-yourself project, or hiring a professional, understand proper gutter installation is vital. Charlotte roofing experts can shed light on the basic instillation process.

When homeowners install their own gutters, they need to start with quality materials. Whether they decide to install aluminum or another material, homeowners should purchase their gutters from a building supply store instead of their local hardware store. Building supply stores will have professional-grade gutters that are heavier gauge and will last longer. Always check the specifications of the manufacturer's warranty before purchasing.

Most homeowners do not have the appropriate tools for gutting gutters, so measurements should be taken before going to the building supply store. Measure the shingle width of the roof and add an extra 1/2 to 1 inch. The building supply store will be able to cut gutters to a homeowner's exact specifications. Homeowners also need to invest in quality work gloves. Gutters have a lot of sharp edges, and gloves will prevent a number of unnecessary cuts.

Before climbing the ladder, a homeowner should install the hangers which clip inside the gutter. Most manufactures recommend a clip every 2-3 feet, although some contractors will place them closer together to make the installation stronger.

A professional roofer from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about fiber cement siding or roof repairs.

Many professionals drill an opening for the downspout before hanging the gutter. Some contractors drill after the gutter has been hung. In either case, the drill requires a 2 3/8 inch metal hole saw bit. Once the hole is drilled through, place a 2 3/8" pop-in outlet into the hole. The pop-in will snap into place when installed properly.

The final step before hanging is to place the left and right end caps. Homeowners should purchase endcaps that are the same size as the gutter. Once they are placed on the end, secure the connection with an end cap crimper and apply sealant to the end cap and gutter joints and around the popin outlet.

When attaching the gutter under the roof, the downspout should be on the decline end. The slope should be steep enough to move the water from the top of the gutter to the downspout, but not so steep that it is noticeable from the street. Test the slope with water.

A well installed gutter will not only be functional, but it will also add curb appeal and increase the value of any home.

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