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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Going Green With A Roof Garden

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There are hundreds of products on the market today that let homeowners go green, reduce energy usage, and protect the environment, but there are fewer products designed for use on a roof. Those who like the idea of growing their own gardens and making their roofs greener might opt for the installation of a rooftop garden. These gardens let residents grow flowers and other types of vegetation that work with the paint colors used on the house and any plants growing in their yards. Working with a Charlotte roofing company experienced in the installation of these unique gardens ensures that the roof and home do not suffer any damage.

The amount of space that homeowners have to work with depends on the total square footage of the house and the roof. Though some may decide to completely cover their roofs with vegetation, others will only want to use a small amount of that space as a garden to reduce the risk that the flowers and plants might overwhelm the house. Contractors will need to inspect the roof to determine the best way to install the garden and the best place for the garden. They need to ensure that the home can support the weight of the garden and that the garden won't cause any other damage including a deck fracture.

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Before installing any plants, roofers must waterproof the roof. Even if the roof has some waterproofing materials already on it, most generally do not have enough to protect against all the water that a garden needs. The newest waterproofing products are easy to install and go right on top of any existing elements on the roof. This lets contractors apply a waterproof coating directly on top of any shingles or underlayment. Some may add a series of troughs or containers to separate between different types of plants.

Homeowners who truly want to go green should opt for a water recycling feature. This feature works with the gutters and downspouts already found on the home. Instead of the downspouts carrying water away, the downspouts will push water into reservoirs that work with the recycling system. The system will pull water from those reservoirs to water the garden on the roof. Water recycling systems utilize the water that falls during a storm to keep the vegetation growing without the need for any additional water. Adding a garden with a recycling system lets homeowners go green and reduces the amount of water they need.

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