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Flat roofs have problems just like any other roof, and leaks are usually the most common. Ice and snow will accumulate on a flat roof and cause drainage problems. Also, rain will form large puddles on a flat roof; this is called "ponding." If not allowed to drain away, this water can cause damage.

If a Charlotte resident has problems with the flat roof of their home or business, he or she should contact a qualified roofing contractor. A knowledgeable Charlotte roofing contractor will perform a thorough inspection of the flat roof. During the inspection, the roofing professional will diagnose the problem then recommend a plan of repair at a reasonable cost.

Charlotte residents with flat roofs should schedule periodic roof inspections to ensure no unseen or hidden problems exist. Things such as standing water, piles of debris, or cracks in the roof decking can threaten the life of a flat roof. When problems such as these are discovered early and repaired in a timely fashion, the overall damage can be minimized. However, if such damage is not taken care of, it can severely damage the structure of the building.

Also, the drains of a flat roof can become clogged with ice in winter or debris all year round, and this will cause problems with water build-up that will eventually lead to roof leaks and decay of the roof decking.

A roofing professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about fiber cement siding or roof repairs.

These types of leaks can cause damage to the interior of the home, such as staining the ceilings and walls. A professional roofing contractor will be able to search for and locate the source of these leaks, as well as make the necessary repairs.

Some flat roofs have a rubber membrane installed against leaks, and this solution seems to work well. However, one problem with a membrane is that it can be punctured. Sometimes the oddest things can cause a membrane puncture like a large bird, with sharp talons, walking on the roof.

Fungus growth can be a problem with flat roofs, especially in the South where high humidity is common. Because of the potential for moisture accumulation on a flat roof, fungus, algae, and moss can get quite a foothold on the roofing materials, growing all around the roofing felt. Fungus growth can also cause roof leaks by working its way under flashing.

An experienced roofing contractor can rid a flat roof of fungus growth with the use of a quality fungicide, but it may take several applications to completely eliminate the fungus.

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