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A leaky roof is easily the most common reason why homeowners arrange for a consultation with a Charlotte roofing professional. Some call immediately after seeing water coming from a hole in the ceiling, while others attempt to collect the falling water for a few days or longer before calling for help. Those who do call after seeing dripping water might find themselves surprised that this is far from the only sign of a leak. Dark patches on the ceiling, mold in a room, sags forming in the ceiling, and a musty scent may all indicate a leaky roof. Contractors know that they must get a good look at the roof and inspect the home before determining how to repair the leak.

Leaky roofs can occur because of shingles that came off the roof during a recent storm. A windstorm combined with falling rain may also wash away the granules placed on the surface of those shingles during the manufacturing process. This allows the water to pool on top of the shingles instead of moving into the gutters, and it can cause pools of standing water to form as well.

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The water can wear or break down the underlayment and slowly push its way through the drywall and other surfaces to leak into the house.

After examining the roof and finding the reason behind the leak, contractors can identify the best way to repair the roof. This usually involves the installation of both a new underlayment and some new shingles. If the damage on the roof left the deck exposed, the company may need to repair the deck too. Decks that show some signs of rotting but are still in relatively good shape may not need a complete replacement. Contractors can often source new wood to replace the damaged parts of that deck.

Before repairing the leak, the contractor will need to remove the old shingles and tear off the underlayment. New underlayment such as felt will go down in its place. Some Charlotte homeowners may decide to use a waterproofing material in combination with the underlayment for additional protection. Contractors install the waterproof barrier first and place the underlayment on top of that barrier. They can then add new shingles to the roof and follow the design and courses of the existing shingles to ensure that the new shingles will not stick out. When installing new shingles, contractors may use roofing nails applied with a nail gun or use both nails and some type of roofing adhesive.

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