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Fiber-cement siding is a material that is comprised of cement, sand, and fibers. It's viewed as a superior alternative to vinyl sheets in many ways. This material is capable of delivering a wide range of finishes depending on the homeowner's tastes. From wood-grain simulations to a shake-shingle appearance, this type of siding can fit most exterior design ideas. When it comes to installing fiber cement, many will trust a Charlotte roofing specialist with experience in such renovations.

For those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to installing siding, many manufacturers make fiber cement out of recycled materials. This means that a homeowner's outer renovations are less of a contributing factor when it comes to landfills. The material itself is most often free of toxic chemicals unlike PVC and other types of plastics. If the materials are thrown away, there is less concern about poisoning the environment.

The materials used to make fiber cement give the product a superior level of durability. It's more resilient to most weather conditions than many types of vinyl while being resistant against color fading from sunlight. While many forms of vinyl siding will crack and chip when exposed to severe hail storms or violent winds tossing debris, fiber cement has a greater chance of resisting the same type of damage. This reduces costs for repairs and replacement siding throughout the life of the home itself.

A roofing company professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about vinyl siding or fiber cement siding.

Due to the nature of the materials used to make fiber-cement siding, it's virtually fire proof. As it has a zero flame-spread index, the risks of fire damage to the home are greatly reduced, especially from an exterior source. While this resistance may not protect fires that are started within the property, outside threats such as forest fires or accidents involving barbecues are greatly diminished.

One of the most important aspects of fiber cement is the return on the investment. It experiences less damage from the elements while resisting problems that siding alternatives are subjected to such as weather rot and warping. Not only does this material last longer than many alternatives, but it also acts as another layer of insulation. This means that the home is more likely to retain hot or cold air during the different seasons of the year, which may reduce monthly energy costs.

The only real drawback to using this form of siding is that it has a higher cost for installation. However, many homeowners feel confident that the overall return on the expense is worth the time and money. Between the longevity of fiber-cement siding and its insulation capabilities, it's one of those products that have the potential to save a great deal of money over time.

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