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A dormer is a window that is built onto the roof that stands upright. It has its own walls and small roof as it seemingly juts out from the top of the house. This shouldn't be confused with a skylight, which is merely a window that replaces a section of the roof's surface. Dormers are often installed as a window for an attic space that has been renovated as a bedroom or other living area. It offers additional usable space in the roof as it increases headroom within the attic. As these windows present a significant challenge to install, many homeowners trust a Charlotte roofing professional to build dormers. There is more into the development of these portals than just cutting a hole in the roof.

The dormer will have its own miniature roof that will act as part of the primary roof surface. This means it will need rafters, decking, underlayment and shingles as part of its construction. Most homeowners will have these built when the roof is being reinstalled in order to match shingles perfectly. However, this is not a requirement as many manufactured shingles can be easily matched.

The walls of the dormer will be assembled much like the walls of the home. The window on the front will be framed in and resting on the bottom header.

A roofing professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about windows or fiber cement siding.

Once the outer walls are in place, insulation may be added in order to promote a temperate indoor climate just like the rest of the home. However, these outer walls may be more consistent with the same materials of the roof. Decking, underlayment and house wrap may be used on the sides as well as the top of the dormer.

Flashing will be placed on the edges of the dormer where it attaches to the roof. This reduces the onset of leaks while weatherproof sealant is used to ensure that the flashing is securely fastened. Without the flashing, moisture can make its way into the rafters of the actual roof and begin to cause damage in a variety of ways. In the event of an attic renovation, this damage could come in the form of rotting drywall and insulation.

Many dormers will have a drip edge installed on its own roof but may not include a gutter system. Since the water will run off the dormer and onto the surface of the roof itself, there is no need for a miniature gutter. The drip edge helps keep the water from collecting near the corner of the dormer's walls, however.

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