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Although roofs come in all shapes and sizes, they each are built to work efficiently and last several decades. There are a variety of different materials to use in various climates, which will help to protect the interior space long term. For those who want to find the right roof to build on their property with Charlotte roofing professionals, there are several products to choose from.

Slate roofs are considered to be the most durable material available for both residential and commercial buildings. Slate is constructed out of rock and can withstand high temperatures without wearing down. Slate is extremely heavy and helps to prevent drafts on the frames of buildings. They also won't suffer from blow offs in harsh weather or high winds. Although it can be more expensive to purchase, it's prone to last 100 to 200 years.

Metal roofs are another option and are considered to be extremely energy efficient. As a green roof, metal roofs are available in steel, aluminum, and copper with a high level of solar reflectance that prevents heat from being absorbed. It is also extremely resistant to snow, wind, fire and rainfall, but can dent easily from hail.

A roofing company professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about fiber cement siding or vinyl siding.

Metal also comes in different styles, which makes it customizable on older or newer buildings.

Rubber is currently increasing in popularity for its ability to insulate buildings from outside heat and can even be painted white to reflect more light. Rubber roofs are inexpensive and are much lighter than other materials, which reduces the cost of transporting and installing them. The material does not need a lot of maintenance and often comes with a 20 year warranty.

Clay tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials available and often last 50 to 70 years on the average home. The product is typically used in warmer climates and prevents heat from being absorbed due to the shape and interlocking design of the tiles. Although it's more expensive than terra cotta or asphalt shingles, clay tiles are extremely durable and don't break easily. However, the product can crack if a homeowner or roofer walks on the roof.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material to use in North America, due to their low cost. The shingles last an average of 20 to 25 years, which is ideal for homeowners who plan to move in the near future. A new roof with asphalt shingles can increase the property value and usually only takes a day to install.

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