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All homes need a good balance of roofing vents to control temperature and moisture in the attic with the intake and exhaust of air. There are several types of roof vents that are used to accomplish this balance, and they are all vital to the health of the roof and the attic space.

Intake vents and exhaust vents are the two categories of roof vents. Intake vents allow air to flow into the attic space, and exhaust vents allow the air to flow out for an even exchange. Exhaust vents include wind turbines, ridge vents, and gable vents. Intake vents include soffit vents and fascia vents.

If a Charlotte homeowner suspects roof leaks or any other problems associated with roofing vents, he or she should contact a qualified roofing professional. A Charlotte roofing contractor can inspect a home's vents for damage and assess the roof's condition. Afterwards, the roofing professional can recommend any needed repairs and quote a price for the job.

Soffit vents are located on the underside of the roof eaves. Some older homes in the Charlotte area do not have soffit vents, but they can be retrofitted for improved attic ventilation.

The roofing contractors from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about vinyl siding or roof repairs.

Soffit vents work to bring fresh, dry air into the attic and keep moisture at a lower level. These are passive vents, relying on heat convection. Soffit vents are usually made of metal or plastic, with aluminum being the most popular choice.

Gable vents are another type of roof vent that may not be present in older homes. Some houses with multiple gables can also have multiple gable vents. A gable vent is an exhaust vent and allows hot air to escape an attic. These roof vents provide a good deal of valuable air exchange.

Gable vents can be a common entry point for rats, mice, birds, and bats. Some Charlotte homeowners have their gable vents covered on the inside with a protective layer of mesh wire to keep out pests. This prevents damage from occurring to the attic and underside of the roof.

Ridge vents are another type of exhaust vent. These are located at the very apex of the roof where the hottest air accumulates in the attic. These vents allow the hot air to exit the attic which, in turn, draws the cooler air in from the soffit vents.

Wind turbines are the vents with moving parts. Made of metal, they spin in the wind current and expel hot air from the attic.

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