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Residents who own a historic home may be familiar with the variety of materials that were typically used in the construction process of older properties. Remarkably, as long as the shingles were properly installed and the roof was regularly maintained, the existing materials might still be in adequate condition.

Wooden shingles are the most popularly installed type of roofing product on historic homes, and they come in a full range of different styles, shapes and materials. As opposed to today's wooden shingles, which can be sourced from different tree species from all across the world, historical wooden shingles and shakes were typically derived from local species of wood. Today's shingles are primarily machine produced, but in the past, the materials were crafted by hand which resulted in unique regional styles. Modern versions of the shingles feature dozens of different patterns and design details, such as staggered, pointed and fish scale. A properly installed wood shingled roof lasts for around 30 years, and it is relatively easy for Charlotte Roofing contractors to replace damaged shingles.

Clay tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials available, and there are roofs that date back to the 17th which remain in adequate condition. They are an ideal choice for Southwestern, Spanish and Mission style homes. The sizes of the tiles on historical homes might have varied from region to region, but most of them feature one to two holes at the edges that allow them to be secured to the roof with nails or pegs.

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However, mortar is still used in order to efficiently seal the joints and afford the shingles waterproof properties. Since clay tiles are somewhat brittle in nature, they can easily crack upon impact.

Many Victorian style historical homes feature slate shingles, which are waterproof and fireproof and can last for centuries. Slate tiles are attractive, durable and incredibly strong, and they come in a variety of hues, including purple, blue, gray, red and green. In the majority of cases, whenever a slate roof is in need of repair, it often has nothing to do with the tiles themselves, but rather the nails or fasteners that were used during the installation process.

Many historical structures still feature their original copper tiles. Copper tiles were the very first type of metal roofing material, and they offer a beautiful aesthetic. After the tiles have aged, they develop a green patina. Whenever the galvanization method originated in France during the early 1800s, zinc coated tiles gained popularity. Zinc tiles were less expensive than their copper counterparts, which made them more accessible.

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