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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Common Roofing Issues In The Area

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Homeowners throughout Charlotte may benefit from learning more about some of the common roofing problems experienced in the area. Often times, the damage is so severe that it requires the attention of a Charlotte roofing professional. One of the leading causes of local roofing issues is damage caused by stormy weather and harsh winds. Poor maintenance habits can allow roof components to deteriorate considerably, which may cost much more in replacement parts as opposed to simple repairs.

A number of property owners and industry experts contend that the storms hitting the region are actually becoming more severe and causing more damage with time. Moreover, the most expensive damage might be sustained in a single storm, or it may eventually develop as a result of a series of storms. The wind creases effect against asphalt shingles is often a prime example of the consequences that can result from these types of degenerative forces.

Hail and harsh winds cause the most damage to homeowners' roofs in this region of the country. Several components of the roof may be affected by the precipitation and strong forces associated with the severe storms that frequent the area.

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Hail can lead to soft spots developing on the roof and may eventually wear away the asphalt shingling. Sleet and snow can build up so much that the weight compromises the structural integrity of the roof and causes leaks as well.

Metal shingles, modified asphalt shingles, and certain tile shingles, like concrete or clay, are best-suited to withstand the harsh elements associated with the hail and sleet in North Carolina. Wooden shingles typically have a harder time withstanding these arduous conditions. The impact of hail storms may expose the base layers of asphalt-shingled roofs to excessive degree of heat. Deteriorated sheathing may result in dips on the roof and other complications. Leaks may form from nails on the roof that have loosened due to rust or melted asphalt.

Maintaining the flashing is another critical factor for homeowners interested in minimizing the effect severe conditions can have on the roof. Without inspections conducted by certified professionals, water can build up around the flashing and lead to leakage inside the property. The excess moisture that's created by these weak spots in the roof often cause other problems inside the home, such as offensive odors, mold, or mildew. Aside from preventing the flashing from loosening or opening up over time, roofers may also help ensure that water damage isn't caused because exposed pipes aren't properly secured.

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