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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Common Aging Roofing System Issues

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The roof is one of the most important sections of the home for individuals to maintain. While homeowners may be regular in their inspections and care duties, however, all systems will eventually grow older and need to be replaced. Charlotte roofing experts are always ready to provide their clients with an efficient replacement procedure, but many homeowners may not know why it is so important to have the rooftop replaced. By keeping some of the following problems in mind, individuals will know what to expect with an older and failing roofing system.

One of the first problems that all older roofing systems begin to display is a tremendous number of leaks. Leaks are one of the top roofing problems that all homeowners have to deal with, and it is one of the most pressing concerns of an older system. When the roof begins to leak, many other sections of the home will quickly become damaged, including the underlayment and decking structures.

Rot is another common issue that all homeowners need to deal with. All individuals should look for rotten wood in the attic or the eaves of the system to make sure that it is not a pressing concern. As the roof grows older, however, rot will begin to develop, until the entire system's structural integrity may become threatened.

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Homeowners should also watch out for chimney issues. If an older roofing system has a chimney, many problems will begin to manifest in this space of the home. Homeowners should be sure to watch out for loose bricks and articles of mortar falling out from the system. It is vital for all individuals to inspect the chimney and install a flue liner to put such issues on hold.

Sometimes the older system will already begin to show obvious signs of structural wear. When homeowners see that their roof's surface is sagging, it is critical for them to have the system repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. The more defined that the dip is, the more likely it is that the roof will collapse in the future.

Finally, all individuals should keep their eyes out for too many layers of shingles on their roof. When the roof's surface becomes too thick from too many re-roofing procedures, the weight can contribute to the already declining health of the rooftop. If the roof has been re-roofed frequently in its life, it may be time to have the entire system replaced.

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