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There are several decisions involved in any home repair or renovation project, and a roof replacement is no different. When getting their roof replaced, homeowners must select a reputable contractor, a roofing material and then a roofing color. Some homeowners can have a difficult time choosing the best color for their roof. To make the color selection process easier, Charlotte roofing professionals offer these tips.

Before reviewing color selections for a roof, homeowners should first check with their neighborhood or homeowners association. Roof colors can sometimes be controlled by these organizations, and they often have a pre-set list of colors that homeowners must choose from and a list of colors that are not allowed. Even if they do not have these lists, many associations require pre-approval before roofing work is done. A homeowner should be sure that they are abiding by their regulations and covenants before following through with a roof replacement. Not doing so can be a pricey and time-consuming mistake.

Simply taking a drive around their neighborhood or town can help give homeowners some good ideas for colors for their roof. It can also show them colors and combinations of colors that they do not like. While on this drive, homeowners should take pictures and notes to show their roofing contractor.

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If a homeowner has difficulties visualizing how their own home might look with a different color of roof, there are apps and computer programs to help. A picture of the home can be uploaded to these programs, and then the user can digitally change the color of the roof and show the homeowner what several different options would look like. Homeowners can ask their roofing contractor about these services.

Once a homeowner has narrowed down their selection to a few colors, they should request shingle samples from their roofing contractor. They should place these samples at different areas of the house at different times of the day. The shingle samples should be compared first to any brick on the home since this is the most permanent portion. They should also be compared to the garage, doors, stucco and even downspouts.

The homeowner can also ask their roofing contractor for color advice if they are stuck. It is likely that the contractor has seen thousands of color combinations and has a good idea of what works and what doesn't. Additionally, a homeowner can seek the advice of a realtor or designer.

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