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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Cleaning and Repairing Gutters

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No one can dispute the many important jobs that a gutter system has, but many homeowners find themselves only paying attention to that system after it begins sagging or breaking. Routine maintenance of a gutter system is the key to ensuring that it can withstand all the environmental conditions it faces throughout the year including rain, hail, and even fast winds. Though some think that they can easily inspect their gutters, clean the various components, and make any necessary repairs, most find that the job takes more work than they anticipated which is when they call Charlotte roofing companies for help.

Inspecting a gutter system isn't as easy as just looking at the gutters. A traditional system often features several gutters that hang horizontally against the home, downspouts that hang vertically from the gutters and gutter drains located near the house. Water moves from the roof, to the gutters, to the downspouts, and finally to the drain. Any debris sitting on top of the drain or any clogs inside it will keep the water from going down. This can result in the water forming large puddles that force their way through the foundation, and it can also leave the downspouts and gutters overflowing with extra water.

After inspecting and ensuring that the system can perform the way it should, roofers can clean the gutters and remove any clogs that have formed.

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The most common reasons for these clogs include wild animals nesting near the home and trash that blows into the yard from a neighboring building. During the spring and summer, homeowners in Charlotte may find that birds build nests inside the gutters, which causes the water to overflow the gutters instead of moving into the downspouts. Contractors use specialized brushes with a hooked or curved end that lets them remove the clogs and ensure that the gutter is free of any additional debris.

Many homeowners find that they can prevent those clogs and arrange for fewer cleanings with the installation of a gutter guard. A similar product is a gutter screen or mesh cover. The screens and covers simply cover the top or open end of the gutters to keep trash out. Some guards feature sharp plastic pieces inside that trap any debris while still letting water flow through the system. Gutter guards usually cover the open area of the gutter, which lets trash and debris accumulate on top of the guard. Homeowners can simply brush off that debris a few times a year.

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