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Luckily for homeowners, there are many different reliable and beautiful roofing materials to choose from currently. Although each has their own lists of pros and cons, tiles; asphalt shingles; metal shingles and seams; and wood shakes and shingles are all popular roofing material options in the United States. Tile roofs are available in slate, clay, and concrete. However, clay tiles have a particular visual appeal to them causing many homeowners to choose these tiles for their Charlotte roofing contractors to install.

Clay tiles are seen on many Southwestern- and Mediterranean-style homes. In addition to being beautiful, these tiles are known for their robust durability and longevity. In some areas, they have withstood centuries of time. These tiles can be crafted from concrete or fire clay. They are commonly molded into barrel shapes. Their unique interlocking design reinforces the strength of this roofing material.

While clay tiles are frequently seen on homes in warmer climates, they can also be used in cold climates, though homeowners should ask about specific tiles that have been designed to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of a colder climate. Homeowners will want to speak with their roofing contractor about their roof's structural support if they want to install a tiled roof.

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An installed asphalt roof weighs approximately 230 pounds per square, whereas an installed tiled roof can weigh around 580 to 1,000 pounds per square. A structural engineer may be needed to assess and prepare the homeowner's roof for tile roofing materials, which can run an additional $2k.

Clay-tiled roofs are more colorfast than concrete tiles. They are also more durable and can last over 100 years, whereas concrete tiles will last about half of that time span. However, clay tiles will run a homeowner about twice as much as concrete ones. Both concrete and clay tiles are difficult to install; however, they rate high for impact and fire protection.

There is a current trend toward creating roofing materials that are more eco-friendly and energy efficient. New to the market within this trend are clay and concrete tiles that have a smog-eating tile coating. This coating neutralizes nitrogen oxide, converts it to calcium nitrate, and washes it off in the rain. Thus, harmful nitrogen oxide in the environment is destroyed. The manufacturer of this tile claims that within a year's time the average roof with these tiles can remove the amount of nitrogen oxide from the air that is the equivalent of what driving a car for 10,800 miles would produce.

Homeowners should talk to their roofing contractors about the benefits and pitfalls of clay and concrete tiles before deciding on a roofing material.

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