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Most homeowners know how important it is for roofs to be tightly sealed; however, what they may not consider is the role caulking plays in this. The truth is that caulking is often needed on roofs to help seal certain areas of them against water damage. Here are a few occasions when a Charlotte roofing company may recommend caulking.

Caulking is typically needed around chimneys, stove pipes, roof vents, or any other area where metal flashing is installed. That's because even the tightest fitting flashing may nonetheless have very small gaps where water could seep in over time. Not only that, but the metal itself could also expand and contract with changes in the temperature, leaving space for water to flow into. The best way to protect against damage is to caulk these areas.

Homeowners should also caulk around skylights or light tubes. These fixtures are similar to windows and are notorious for leaking unless they are properly caulked. Caulking around skylights and light tubes provides an additional benefit in that it will make them more energy efficient as well.

Metal roofing is often installed in sheets, and contains seams where two sections or panels come together.

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These areas are also prone to leaking unless extra precautions are taken. Roofing contractors recommend installing butyl tape along each seam, followed by a waterproof caulking. Butyl tape is a special rubber backed tape that is extremely flexible. For added protection, homeowners may even want to add a clear sealer over top of their seams.

Certain types of roofs have more seams than others, and may require sealing regardless of the type of material they are made from. An example is a hip roof, which contains a downward slope on all four sides of the home. This roof naturally contains more sections, and therefore has more areas where leaks can occur. Caulking along the seams, in addition to the ridge of the roof can help prevent leaks.

Caulking may sometimes be needed around dormers, particularly if they also contain flashing. Holes must be cut in the roof to create a dormer, thereby leaving space where water may enter. For maximum protection, this space should be caulked over prior to installing shingles.

On a roof, caulking should be used anywhere there is a potential for leaks to occur. Installing caulking is something that anyone can easily do to provide adequate protection for one of the home's most valuable assets, which is its roof.

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