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From office buildings and hotels, to hospitals and stores, many of the commercial buildings found in North Carolina feature flat roofs. This provides a modern and contemporary look to the building and helps the property match any older buildings in the area. Anyone who owns a flat roof commercial building will quickly find that these roofs are susceptible to a number of problems, which is why construction companies seldom use flat roofs on homes. Those roofs can suffer from alligatoring, water damage, and other issues that may require contractors to completely replace the roof within as little as 10 or 20 years. Charlotte roofing professionals can reduce the risk of those damages from occurring with the installation of a built-up roof.

Those who have limited experience in the roof industry may not know what a built-up roof is or the installation process behind this type of roof. It essentially refers to the process of changing the roof's slope. A flat roof may have a minor slant, and some similar roofs like a mansard roof may have a slightly deeper slope or angle. Installing a built-up roof involves laying multiple layers of materials onto the roof to create a deeper slope to prevent wind and moisture damage.

Prior to installing a single component, contractors must first determine the slope the roof needs.

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Though some might think that a steeper slope is always better, but a steeper slope can result in the wind doing more significant damage. On a traditional flat roof, it may be impossible to add a deeper slant because of the shape and design of the roof as well. Contractors must also take into account any safety features, including walls, added to the roof to keep individuals safe while standing on the roof.

Most built-up roofs consist of a deck that sits on top of the ceiling or on top of the building with multiple layers of underlayment used on top of the deck. Contractors may install several types of underlayment to better protect the shingles and to waterproof both the roof and deck. Some may also install a waterproof sealant to the roof before placing a single piece of underlayment down. They can move and shape the sealant to form the slope that the roof needs. Though some think flat roofs are fairly bare, flat roofs usually have shingles on top. Contractors will need to ensure that these shingles follow the new slope of the roof and that the shingles work with the underlayment.

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