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Gutters and downspouts have the primary role of collecting water that's running off of the roof and directing it away from the foundation of the home. Because water pooling poses such a significant threat for the home's foundation and siding, many homes also feature splash blocks, underground drains, or flexible drains. In addition to these products, it is not uncommon for Charlotte Roofing contractors to also install downspout extensions in order to allow water to be carried even further away from the foundation.

Gutters are most often installed along the edges of the roof, and they're hung from the fascia board. They are constructed with a large variety of materials, but the most common ones are copper, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and galvanized steel. Some types feature manufacturer-installed coatings, and others are left in their natural state and must be painted. They can be purchased in sections, or they can be custom-made on-site.

The majority of residential gutters come in 10 foot lengths, and they are typically 5 or 6 inches in width. For roofs that feature 1,500 square feet of space or more, wider gutters are recommended in order to be able to efficiently accommodate the larger amounts of runoff. Sectional gutters are connected with end caps and slip joints, and their corresponding downspouts feature similar connectors.

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For homeowners who live in colder climates, galvanized steel is often the preferred type because it tends to hold up well under heavy snowfall. The product is durable, but its only drawback is that homeowners must have the gutters re-painted periodically in order to prevent rust development. Seamless aluminum gutters are ideal for the majority of climates because they are custom-fit to the home. The contractors will measure the perimeter of the roof, and the material is fed through a special machine that creates the gutters instantly.

The types of gutters that feature the most custom look are wood and copper, and they are frequently installed on historical homes. Copper is long-lasting and visually appealing, but it is by far the most expensive type of gutter on the market. Wood gutters can last for quite a while as long as they are properly maintained. Homeowners must regularly clean them and ensure that their paint does not begin to chip or peel off.

Vinyl gutters typically come in white or brown hues, and they are fairly easy to install. However, they tend to become distorted during excessively hot and cold temperatures.

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