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The American Society for Testing and Materials, commonly referred to as ASTM International, is an organization that develops and publishes various health, safety and reliability standards for a broad range of materials and tools. These standards are considered voluntary, meaning that their compliance is not strictly enforced by the organization. Various governing bodies, however, often cite the standards in laws, making them effectually mandatory. A Charlotte roofing contractor will be familiar with the ASTM standards associated with all roofing materials used in a job and will be able to discuss these standards with a client before installation. Building owners can help by having a basic understanding of what ASTM compliance means in terms of roofing materials.

A broad range of different international groups and industries come together to help create the standards set by ASTM. The standards are effective and respected globally in part because of this broad gamut of investigation and perspective.

A material compliant with ASTM standards generally means that the material has passed various quality and health related tests based on the standards. The material is thus expected to perform to these standards and will not present any unknown or unexpected hazards or failures. Just about every type of material used in a roofing job, especially those materials with chemicals or petroleum based products such as mastic, will have ASTM standards attached to them.

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The standards for roofing materials are designed to serve as a guide for contractors. The standards can be consulted to inform a contractor or client about the properties of a material, its most effective use and any environmental or health hazards associated with its use or installation. By law, contractors must adhere to these standards and use only qualified materials in the United States. This is enforced by a range of laws and citations passed by state and federal governments. It is especially enforced by The National Technology and Advancement Transfer Act of 1995, which requires the federal government to use privately developed consensus standards, like those published by ASTM, whenever possible.

A building owner can be confident in the viability of a roof constructed with the proper materials and installed according to ASTM standards. Compliance with the standards is often important for the enforcement of various product warranties and for any overall warranties that cover the roof. A failure to follow the standards and procedures or use approved materials may affect a roof's lifespan, durability and overall value.

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