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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Asphalt Vs Clay Tiles For Durability

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In the warmer climate of the South, where heat and humidity are big concerns, many homeowners question which roofing material is the best for their home. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used, but clay tile actually may be better in some circumstances.

The vast majority of roofs in this country have asphalt shingles. Made of coal tar, asphalt is a durable material that has been around as shingles since 1903. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest to buy and the easiest to install, making them extremely popular with building contractors and homeowners.

Clay tile roofs, on the other hand, are not so widely used. They are beautiful and greatly admired, but they are more expensive than asphalt shingles. However, this factor is offset by the fact that a clay tile roof can last many more years than one with asphalt shingles.

If a Charlotte homeowner is interested in information about installing a clay tile roof or replacing an asphalt shingle roof, they should contact a qualified roofing professional. A Charlotte roofing professional can provide a wealth of detail, ideas and options for the homeowner's consideration, especially on the pros and cons of various types of roofing material. Also, a knowledgeable roofing professional can help the homeowner make educated decisions based on cost, any weather concerns and durability of roof construction materials.

The roofing contractors from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about windows or vinyl siding.

Clay tile roofs will reflect the sun's rays instead of absorbing them like asphalt shingles; plus, they have a much greater insulation value. This will keep the interior of a house much cooler, which can help with HVAC costs during hot summer weather. Also, a clay tile roof can last for 50 to over 100 years, making it a great investment.

A clay tile roof looks gorgeous and will increase the curb appeal of a residence as well as the value of the property. Clay tiles are also completely fireproof and can't be damaged by mold or insects, which is very beneficial in the hot and humid South.

However, this type of roof does have some drawbacks. Clay tile roofs are a lot heavier than an asphalt roof, and the load capacity of the house may have to be increased to support the greater weight. This is a factor a Charlotte homeowner can discuss with a professional roofer. Also, walking on a tile roof can cause individual tiles to break; therefore, roof maintenance can be more difficult to perform with this type of roof.

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