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Charlotte roofing professionals now have the option to use asphalt roofing shingles that are manufactured to look like tile, cedar shakes or slate. While asphalt shingles do not have the same longevity as some of the materials they are made to look like, they still outperform other roofing materials in other categories. Natural roofing materials cannot outperform asphalt when looking at their beauty, longevity and durability combined. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and require fewer materials during the installation process.

Aesthetically, asphalt shingles are superior to natural roofing materials because they are available in a wide array of colors, can be designed with different textures, have multiple styles of shingles to choose from and can be molded to look like other roofing materials.

Since asphalt shingles have been used in the United States for more than 100 years, they have a proven track record. They have a decent life expectancy of 20 years or more, depending on how will they were manufactured and installed. Asphalt shingles have the perfect weight. They are not so light that they do not provide protection, yet they are not so heavy that a home using them requires structural reinforcement.

As long as homeowners do proper maintenance, asphalt shingles provide few leak problems. They are durable and can stand up to rain, hail and snow.

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They have excellent uplift resistance with most shingles being able to withstand winds in excess of 90 miles an hour. Fiberglass based composite shingles have a class A fire resistance, putting it on par with natural materials like metal and clay.

One of the arguments that people make against asphalt shingles is that they are bad for the environment. While it is true that every single year millions of tons of asphalt roofing material find their way into landfills across the country, it is also true that asphalt shingles can be recycled. The majority of metro markets in the United States have recycling services that are available. Recycled asphalt shingles can be used for paving roads.

One downside of asphalt shingles is how they react with the sun. If asphalt shingles are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, they begin to degrade. This is especially true for homes that face west and south. Asphalt shingles absorb the sun's heat and even after the sun sets, they hold onto that heat. This increases the temperature inside a home. However, there are special coatings homeowners can use to increase the remittance value of asphalt shingles.

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