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One of the most important structures on a home is the roof. Yet, a person really only sees the top layer of shingles. There is actually a group of different parts that fit together to ensure that a roof keeps the inside of a home dry and free from outside weather.

When a homeowner hires a Charlotte roofing company to reroof their home, workers don't just slap on new shingles and call it good. They will inspect all of the layers down to the frame of a house to make certain that all parts of a roof are keeping their integrity and serving their purpose. The structures on a roof are all dependent on each other. This includes the support structure. Without a strong frame and rafters that are wood or metal, the elements that go into making up a roof would collapse and fall into the top level of a home. A good roof begins with strong support beams.

Older homes may not have a layer of insulation, but energy efficiency has become important. Newer roofs are including a layer of insulation between structural supports and the underside of a roof.

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This helps keep heat inside and should help lower the energy bill of a home. Next, a layer of decking is placed on top of the support structure. Frequently, this layer is made out of wood but materials such as reinforced concrete, metal, OSB sheets and roof pavers are also used.

Underlayment is then attached to the decking. Different types of underlayment are used for various varieties of outer roofing material. Asphalt shingles may use an underlayment that is based on a combination of felt and asphalt. In contrast, a roof that has slate tiles will probably use an underlayment that is composed of synthetic materials. A group of starter shingles may be placed directly on top of the decking. A worker will apply new shingles with a small overlap to ensure that shingles stay intact during severe weather.

The outer layer of a roof is commonly constructed by the placement of shingles. However, other roofing materials are available such as metal, concrete, clay and wood. A homeowner will choose an appropriate covering based on aesthetics, price and longevity. This layer will also include metal flashing and structures like vents, skylights, dormer windows or chimneys. Also, in flat areas of a roof, finishing shingles will be used to ensure that edges and seams are tightly sealed.

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