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Gutters play an important role in protecting a home from water damage. They ensure that water flows from the roof to the downspout, instead of running down the sides of a house. When water splashes on outside walls, discoloration may occur and mold or mildew may develop around doors and windows. If any signs of mold or mildew are present, a Charlotte roofing professional should be contacted so that the infestation can be taken care of immediately.

Gutters also keep the home safe from water damage. When water collects around the base of a home, it may start to work its way into the foundation, causing cracks or creating leaks. Because leaks contribute to the amount of moisture in a home and create a perfect climate for mold to develop, they should be addressed immediately.

If gutters are old enough or are in poor condition, it is a good idea to replace them. Even if gutters can be repaired, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new system altogether. When people decide to install new gutters, the most affordable options are made from aluminum, galvanized steel and vinyl.

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Stainless steel and copper gutters are also available, but they can cost two or three times more than the other materials.

Most homes have aluminum gutters, which last between two and three decades. They cost about five to nine dollars per foot, and are available in K style, which means they are manufactured in one piece. This is advantageous because it means leaks won't form between loose joints. While these gutters will not rust, they are not particularly durable.

A stronger alternative to aluminum is galvanized steel. Both cost about the same per foot and have about the same lifespan. Galvanized steel is sturdier, so ladders can be leaned against it and falling tree limbs are not likely to cause damage. However, steel is susceptible to rusting. Painting the interior and exterior of these structures may delay rusting, but this process is unavoidable.

Vinyl gutters are the least expensive type of gutter material available, but the lower cost is accompanied by a number of drawbacks. This material costs just three dollars per foot, and many homeowners are capable of installing these systems without the assistance of a professional. However, these structures usually only last for a decade and are not very durable. After considerable exposure to UV rays, these gutters become brittle, and their joints may begin to separate.

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